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Pittsburgh Executives Association
- Since 1939 -

Welcome to the P.E.A.

The Pittsburgh Executives Association - referred to as the P.E.A. - provides Pittsburgh area business owners and managers with an exclusive business networking environment.

Started in 1939 the P.E.A. Is currently celebrating its 75th Anniversary.

All member companies of the P.E.A. have their own exclusive classification, based on their main products or services, with which no other member may compete. Each member of the network is committed to helping other member firms increase their business by providing leads, referrals or direct business.  This information exchange is well

structured and monitored to maintain

the quality of both the leads and the

network itself.  The P.E.A. Functions

solely to serve the business interests

of its members.

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For companies working with business-to-business accounts and for those that are retail-oriented, the P.E.A.'s regular meeting style, known as "Product Table", provides an opportunity for members to share information about their business and the products and services they provide.  Meetings are held on a weekly basis, which provides members with plenty of opportunities to get to know each other.  New relationships can develop based on confidence and respect, fostering both a close-knit organization of dependable sources and an Association focused on increasing the volume of each member's business and marketing.  Since each business participating in the P.E.A. represents an exclusive category, member needs vary and often are complementary.  The P.E.A. is able to address these needs through a formal program that fosters personal and professional growth.  This not only leads to new referrals, but also to new friendships.

Please feel free to look around, and if you think you and the P.E.A. could benefit one another, please contact our Executive Director, Ed Roberts about attending a meeting or getting more information.